Wildwood Signature Massage

Experience total de-stressing at its best! This signature massage incorporates aroma therapy infused steamed linens and therapeutic massage techniques to advance you into deep relaxation with the benefits of increased circulation and moisturized skin.

(50 min - $ 85)
(80 min - $ 115)


Classic Swedish Massage

Soothing, seamless massage strokes melt away tension and irritability leaving you feeling calm and centered.

(30 min - $ 50)
(50 min - $ 75)
(80 min - $ 105)


"FT. Benning's Best" Deep Tissue Massage

Appealing to the toughest and bravest! Choose this deep tissue massage when your body has been feeling abused and misused! This massage rehabilitates injuries and muscle pain while our Massage Therapist helps to increase your range of motion, flexibility and creating deep relaxation in your mind and body.   

(30 min - $ 60)
(50 min - $ 85)
(80 min - $ 120)

Flat Rock Hot Stone Massage

Treat yourself! This relaxing treatment is sure to melt away tension as our massage therapist uses smooth river stones during your massage to restore your sense of well being. Hot stones promote relaxation while increasing circulation, allowing the Massage Therapist to work deeper in the tissue with less pain.

(50 min - $ 105)
(80 min - $150)


Weracoba Park Sports Massage

Weracoba Park is one of Columbus' first rate outdoor venues. If you just started working out, running, or if you are an athlete of any level, this massage is for you. Our Sports Massage will assist your body in moving excess fluids and toxins built up and stored in the muscles out of the body helping to alleviate discomfort, pain and soreness. Not to mention, it feels much better than taking aspirin ever could!

(50 min - $ 85)
(80 min - $ 120)


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The Folly (Tandem Massage)

2 Guests, 2 Therapists, same room! Columbus is the proud home of "The Folly," the only double octagonal house in this country! We can't compete with a double octagonal, but we CAN offer double massages. Share your journey with that special someone, sister or friend with a side by side massage in our private couples massage suite. As always, each guest has their massage customized for their "kneads" only!

(50 min - $ 160)
(80 min - $ 220)


Mommy-to-Be Massage

Available after the first trimester, pregnancy is a time for the body to be nurtured and all of its changes to be celebrated! While you relax, have peace of mind in knowing that your baby is receiving an oxygen enriched blood flow and relaxing along with you. We utilize a unique blend of oils to help the skin maintain its suppleness, to deter stretch marks and ease aches and pains associated with pregnancy. A definite treat for the Mommy-to-Be! 

(50 min - $ 80)





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